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    Default 25th Wedding Anniversary

    Today, 25 year ago, I married my best friend and lover. He treats me like a queen and had never denied me anything (within reason) :')I love him with all my heart and then some. I know he loves me very much. We are solemates. 139 day until we come home!!!!!

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    Congratulations on your 25th. This is the best reason to go to Couples to celebrate your love.

    Life is good

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    Congratulations! In todays world that's no small feat. We also are celebrating our 25th this year. Can't hardly believe it's been that long. Sounds like we'll be heading home about the same time as you. We're doing a CSA/CN split. How about you?

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    Congrats to FerChits and Jonnlis. We'll be celebrating our 3-1/2 yr anniversary this December and finally going back "home" after a two year hiatus. I can only hope we will be on paradise island (CSA) in less than 22 years... Congrats again!!

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    Congrats on the celebration of your 25th!
    I would highly recommend renewing your vows at Couples if you can. We did our 25th at CN and it was as memorable as our original wedding. The staff @ Couples was fantastic. We also had the joy of sharing our experience with 6 other friends & family that joined us, along with 4 new friends we met on the bus to Couples.

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    We celebrated our 25th at CSA and had a vow renewal on the beach. It was our slightly delayed honeymoon and our first trip alone together in many years. (kids ya' know)

    We just went back to CSA this summer for our 30th anniversary and our fourth visit. No vow renewal, but we enjoyed it just as much.

    Congratulations and have a wonderful trip!

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    Aww too bad Jonnlis, We will be at CTI. Would have loved to meet up. We are pretty proud that we worked very hard to have a good marriage and that it has lasted this long. A lot of our friends didn't. Congrats on your 25 years. Thanks for the recommendation of renewing our vows Rjammin but I just can't seem to convince the other half. He says once is enough. I'm still working on him :-) He doesn't deny me much. Beach Bum, thanks and your right, LIfe is Good. Now let's hope the Mississippi River stays in it's banks, or I could swim on down to "go home". Take care all.

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    Our first trip to Couples was to CN for our 20th anniversary. Much like dirtleg, it was also, for us a delayed honeymoon and our first real vacation without kids, and we renewed our vows on the beach as well. If you can talk your husband into it, do made the trip really special. This was going to be a once in lifetime trip for us, but we liked it so much we found a way to go back 2 yrs later. It took 3 more years for us to be able to make another trip, and this time we are going to try CSA for a few days before heading to CN. Again, Congrats to everyone celebrating anniversaries...job well done!

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    congratulations on 25 yrs!
    30 yrs today for us and we are on 129 days for our countdown to CN.

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    Doing the double digit dance!!!!!! 99 days to CTI

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