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    I've seen lots of talk of waterproof cases for cameras. We just bought a brand new Nikon S560 to take to CTI with us, and were interested in getting a waterproof case for it. Do they work well? Can I trust my new camera in it? What kind do you suggest?

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    Try googling "Nikon S560 underwater housing". I checked the Ikelite website. Ikelite will not be manufacturing any for that model. Ebay shows some of those baggie things which MIGHT work for snorkeling and protecting the camera from splashes. I don't think I personally would trust it too far underwater, but there may some other posters who have used them with success.

    We use Canon cameras and Canon underwater housings.. they work well.

    Good luck!

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    I just purchased an Aquapac and love it. (I recommend the sachets, too, which absorb condensation in the bag.)
    You can buy them on eBay, but I recommend buying straight from the website to make sure you are getting a new product with a guarrantee. They have a 3 year warranty that not only covers the aquapac itself, but also covers the contents of the pouch.
    It is a little scary the first time you use it, but I put a napkin in the bag first and tested it out. The paper was bone dry.

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    EMC - I have not had luck with the waterproof case that you can buy. I lost all my pictures last year because it leaked and ruined everything. That being said I am sure they can work well if you get the right one. If you hadn't just bought a new camera I would have suggested the new Olympus underwater cameras. They sell the at Best Buy and they cost between $250 and $400 depending on the type you get. I got the one that goes up to 30 ft of water and love it. No case to worry about breaking it is covered by warranty. See below link if you are interested.

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    WE take an Aquapac. No issues.

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    We have two digital cameras and no underwater case for either one. We bought a waterproof camera @ WalMart for $9 (Fuji) before we left. I was very unsure about it so I just got one. HUGE mistake! The pics turned out perfect!! I kick myself now for just getting the one. The throw away cameras do not take good distance pics so, you have to be close but, it was worth it to me and next time I know to take two.

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    I got an Aquapac prior to our vacation this year and loved it! I just got a small one for an old point and shoot that I have. I looked into getting a housing for my DSLR but I chickened out. I just can't risk loosing the camera I make my living on.

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    I bought a case from DiCaPac ($35) and used it for the 1st time today while snorkeling. Pictures look like there was no case around the camera and the case protected the camera just fine.

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    If you want serious water proofing get a housing. You will have full control of your cameras functions and not impede its ability to take good pictures. I've been using a Cannon housing for 4 years and had it below 100ft.

    The plastic baggies will protect against salt spray and sand but always seem cumbersome to me.

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    I have an underwater housing that I used for my Canon SD100. I was so happy with it that when I upgraded my camera to a Canon SD900, I got an underwater housing for it too. They are kind of pricey, but you can sometimes get a good deal on Ebay. I purchased my first one on Ebay, it had been used once. It looked new and worked great! The only functions that do not work while using it are changing the battery or memory card. The pictures turned out wonderful!

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    you can look for my camera when you go. it came off while i was getting back on the dive boat and we never found it. has some really great CTI pics.

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    Would anyone with a Canon housing mind sharing a few of their pictures with me? I have a Canon 50D and the underwater housings are quite expensive. I guess I should know that because every accessory to this camera is expensive! I just want to see the quality before I buy. Thanks!

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    CN pics

    These were taken last August at CN with my old A510 w/ housing (3.2 mp).

    Your 50D will blow these away. You might want to consider a piont and shoot with housing. That might be cheaper than your 50D housing

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    Thanks Editmojo! Those pictures were great! How far off shore was that reef? We stayed next door to CN this year and we never saw anything like that! I think I might get a housing for my p&s. I would love to get one for my 50D but I really can't risk my money maker. LOL!

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    photochick -- I have a shutterfly site with my dive photos. Please pm at leoconnor at yahoo dot com.

    Name:  single dolphin websized.jpg
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    I have been shooting with an A620 for all of our diving, but just purchased a G10 and the Canon OEM housing for that. I have a Nikon D60, but the housings are around $1400K -- so the D60 will stay topside!

    Happy Diving!


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    Linda wins with the dolphin shot. That G10 will be a great UW camera.

    The reefs were all very close to CN. Less then 15 min and we were usually just putting along.

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    Stumbled onto this if anyone is looking for a cheap waterproof camera.


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