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    Default Had a bad day...

    I had a bad day at work today...

    When I got home I decided to read some e-mail and then I figured I'd eat something I don't need and basically pout. Well Couples must have known I needed something to cheer me up so they sent me the Summer newsletter. I immediately started smiling!! Not only am I at the 6 month to go count down, but two of my favorite staff members were featured in the staff spotlight section. I thought about Byron who we were lucky to meet our first trip to CN...he was working there while CTI was being remodeled. This past year we split our time between CN and CTI and how perfect that the first person we see when we got off the bus was Byron!! He remembered immediately that we were from Detroit and kept saying "Pistons!!!" (our NBA team) We were so nervous that we wouldn't love CTI as much as CN so having a familiar face around made us feel even more welcome. Every day of our stay we would run into Byron in the lobby and he always had a big smile on his face and a great big greeting to match.

    The other person in the Staff spotlight that I love is Franklin. He has made both of our trips to CN very special. We had a routine this last time...we'd hang at the main bar with Carrie and Marlon until they closed and then over to Franklin at the Beach Grille bar to close out our evening.

    So I had a bad day...but you know what...I am so lucky because I get to go to CN again in January 2011 and I get to see Franklin and Carrie and other staff that I consider friends. And I know that if they are having a bad day, no one will be able to tell because that would not be fair to the guests.

    So thanks Byron and Franklin and the rest of the Couples staff for cheering me up even when I'm at work and having a bad day. I hope you all are having a great day and are having fun with the guests and making them drink those horrible Bob Marley shots and greeting them with warm smiles and making everyone feel as special as you make us feel. I can't wait to come home in 6 months and spend some quality time with some of the coolest people I have had the pleasure of meeting!

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    hillystyles- nice post! We were having an evening in Wisconsin of summer storms, flood warnings AND tornado warnings. I opened my e-mail and there was the newsletter featuring Bryon, Franklin and Mini-me! We love reading about the staff we know and love. Thank you Couples for making my day too!

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