We are NOT getting married at Couples (we have traditional families and are having a traditional church wedding). However, we are honeymooning at Couples Sans Souci. Our wedding is not until November of 2011 but with our engagement party coming up, people are asking about where we are registered. I just set up the Couples Bridal Registry and will also be doing Target (unless you guys think we should ONLY do the honeymoon…thoughts?). Can anyone shed some light on exactly how the registry works? When I set it up, it’s coming up to about $5000 which I guess is sufficient since we are planning on 6 days. We are unable to book the honeymoon right now as we are too far out, but should we book it as soon as we are able and begin paying it through our gifts as they come in? Should we go through a travel agent or not, specifically when using the registry? And also, how do the gifts come when we request them…..in regular cash, or in a way that can only be used at Couples (gift certificate, etc)? HELP!