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    Default CSS Visit - July 15-22

    My wife and I just completed a wonderful vacation to CSS. This resort is nothing if not spectacular. Ensure you put CSS on the top of your must visit locations.
    Feel free to email me if any questions.

    Airport to and from Resort

    As many have mentioned the trip to and from the resort takes approximately 2 hours. No problem for us as we got to see other parts of Jamaica we may not otherwise see. You can let the driver know that you donít want or need a rest stop half way and its ďno problem monĒ. The trip is great both ways and with a cold beer to start you off and a cold facecloth and champagne on arrivalÖits nothing but good news, sit back and enjoy the ride.


    The rooms are spacious and very livable. Yes some are older and could use some remodelling, but overall absolutely nothing to worry about. The showers are extremely spacious and everything functions as needed. Voltage is North American (115V) so your wife can bring her hairdryer and all other tools of the trade and they will work perfectly. TVs are flat screens and work great with a large selection of English speaking channels from the US, Canada and elsewhere...if you actually need a TV to entertain you. We loved our room.

    Resort, Beaches, Grounds and everything else

    Fantastic resort with breathtaking scenery. It is mandatory that everyone who visits should take a few hours out of their schedule and walk the grounds. Beautiful scenery, shrubbery, flowers, wildlife and buildings at every turn. Donít forget your camera at home. Yes there are a lot of stairs, but at no point did it cause us any grief and my wife had a seriously sprained ankle before we arrived. The Beaches are well maintained, raked and graded every day. The water is warm and shallow and wonderful for lazing in when the weather is hot. Both the A/N and clothed versions are excellent options. The Resort itself is laid out well with bars at both beaches, restaurants at the top and bottom with easy access to all. The restaurants are all fantastic with great choices for every person. I am a Vegetarian and my wife isnít, but we had no issues whatsoever in creating menus that thoroughly satisfied each of our needs. This resort would also satisfy most Vegans, lots of choice. Complaints that menus are limited amaze me, this isnít some US based fast food joint with 200 menu items. The chefs are fantastic, and the choices you do have are all high quality, extremely appealing, and delightful! The restaurants are all 5 star in our opinion! Kudos to Natalia, Edgar and everone in the Palazzina. If this isnít 5 Star service I donít know what isÖ.and with the BIGGEST smiles youíve ever seen! The Tuesday Beach Party and Fridays Starlight Gala are impressive to say the least! Mingle with the crowd, sit with people from different countries and enjoy! The setups for both parties are spectacular and the food is indescribable. Lastly, whatever you do, do not miss out on the opportunity to get a couples massage. Relaxing and stimulating all set out in one of the most romantic and secluded areas of the resort. There is so much more to CSS, donít let the few naysayers sway you from going to this resort, it is simply one of the best you will encounter anywhere in the world.

    Photos so you can see for yourself!

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    Cheese, I am soooo glad that u had a wonderful time. Loved all the pictures also.

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    Thanks Cheese. We were there at the same time as you and we kept running into you two near the mineral pool most days around 5:30-- And now, you have documented our stay perfectly. Thanks again.


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