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    Heading to CTI Nov 6~13, 2010. Who else is planning to be there at that time?? What should we expect of Tower Island? We are new...

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    Default Expect...........

    1. To be spoiled beyond belief.
    2. To be awed by the beauty and comfort of CTI.
    3. To fall more in love than you ever thougt possible.
    4. To have great drinks and awesome food!
    5. To gain weight (see #4 above).
    6. To feel incredibly lazy and content to do almost nothing.
    7. To wake each morning thinking "What will we have to change in our lives to book again next year?" (Warning - this thought may even come on your very first morning).
    8. To feel closer to God than anywhere on earth.
    9. To feel safe, secure, respected and pampered by the staff who truly smile from their heart.
    10. To SHOW that same respect to the staff. They deserve it.

    PS - of this list, number 10 is the most important - and by following that one rule, you can expect for numbers 1 - 9 to all happen.

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    We will be going to CTI Nov 11-18/2010 so maybe we'll see you there!

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    Ok scoop, I like this myself. When my husband & I go in 09/2011, we also will be new to CTI. I don't mind doing all except #5. The other 9 I can definitely handle. Thank u for such a wonderful and relaxing answer.

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    Expect to have a good time!!! We just came back and we had a ball! We went for my friends 40th birthday. Do all the inclusions!!! Dunns River Falls, shopping, kayaking, sailing, catermaran, eat at all the restaraunts! Reserve the restaraunts and catameran as soon as you get there and get settled. Awesome time!!!! We're trying to go back next year!!

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    Yes those are all correct and make sure you totally respect the staff because they do alot for you and are always there working...i mean most are there 6 days from 10-12 hr shifts. They love to see you smiling at all times!! Yes do all the excurisons and as for the island...its a total nude island. So if your not planning on getting totally nude then you can't go!!

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    Shame on me............. I was so excited trying to fill you in on what you could expect that I neglected to say to all iof you who are planning trips, "WELCOME to all that is Couples! You'll have a fantastic time! And you'll be back!"

    I have photos and stuff if anyone feels the need for more LOL!

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