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    Default One last question!

    I just have one last random question while I'm packing for our trip to CN to get married!! Can I pack my razors in my carry on bag? I haven't been on a plane in almost 2 years and I just can't remember. We leave Tuesday and we couldn't be more excited!

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    No you cannot tkae razors in your carry-on... nor scissors of anny size... just pack all that stuff in a checked bag or buy some disposables when you get to the resort. Anything that might be preceived as having a sharp edge... nail clippers included should be checked just to be safe.

    You're going to love CN!


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    If it's a "safety razor" (meaning the kind most folks shave with, especially the cartridge type), you'll have no trouble with it on your carry-on baggage.

    Of course, if you insist on travelling with your "Sweeney Todd Special" straight razor, all bets are off!

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
    I have packed my razors in my carry on bag for my last few trips (to Canada, Jamaica, Spain) without any problems.

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    Yes, you most definitely can pack your razors in your carryon bag, as long as they are not "free" razors, but attached already to a handle. I travel every week for work, so you'll be fine.

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    See. What do I know. I guess you can take your razors. I just don't want any hassles at security so I just check anything I think they might not like on board.


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