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    Default New to MB and First Timer to CSA

    Hi Everyone,

    I just booked a trip to CSA today for 8/29/09 to 9/5/09. I haven't told my husband yet! We will be celebrating our 20th anniversary on 9/2/09.

    I hope it is as great of a place as you all say! I have done a lot of research. I was torn between CTI which initially "spoke" to me but we are beach people first - so CSA won the human ping pong game.

    I look forward to meeting some of you.


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    Hey Barbara!
    This will be our 2nd trip to Couples, but our first time at CSA we will be arriving one day earlier than you and leaving on the 5th also. We are getting married on Sept 1st at 10am and are very excited. You and your husband are going to have a great time! Maybe we'll bump into you guys! If your strolling down the beach during the morning of the 1st I'm sure you'll see us!!

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    My wife and I arrive the day before you guys. We have never been to Couples ourself so we have something in common. We have been to brand X resorts and still had a great time so I think this trip will be something special. I have some friends who have gone there and they love it. I'm sure your husband will be very surprised when you do tell him. Hope to meet ya'll there we will definatly be on the beach 90% of our time.

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    Hi Kimberly. Congrats on your marriage.My wife and I arrive the same day as ya'll do. We wish you all the happiness in the world. Hope to meet ya'll. All you have to do is ask for the CAJUNS!

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