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    Default vow renewal

    Would the vow renewal ceremony be appropriate and/or allowable for a couple in a very LTR that would
    like to make an affirmation of their relationship?

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    In order to have a Vow Renewal you have to provide the resort with a copy of your Marriage License.

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    I dont know for sure but I dont think so. We renewed our vows at CSS a few weeks ago and we had to mail a copy of our marriage certificate 30 days prior to our visit. But I could be wrong.

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    I think it is appropriate. A commitment to each other seems like it falls under this...IMO.

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    While Couples welcomes all couples in love, Jamaica is very conservative and is not considered a gay-friendly country. Jamaican law criminalizes some homosexual acts, and I don't know that a minister would be willing to perform a ceremony for a union that is not legally recognized. You can certainly contact Couples to see if it is possible to arrange for some type of commitment ceremony, but you might want to manage your expectations before doing so. Good luck.
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    Tru dat. We had to send a copy of our marriage license at the time we booked our vow renewal.

    While I understand the spirit of your question and philosophically agree with your intentions, Jamaica is quite a conservative society and, at least on the face of it, they hold marriage to a rather high place culturally. I'm not sure exactly what your situation is in your LTR, but you might want to make some inquiries with Couples to ascertain the acceptability of your request.
    Here's a thought. In lieu of a vow renewal, since it appears there are no "vows" in place currently, maybe a beach wedding would be more appropriate, and perhaps equally meaningful?

    Good luck.

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    Sorry, I have never checked the requirements for the vow renewal, so I think I gave an incorrect answer....My apologies. Looks like you did get good information from several people though. Good luck and enjoy the trip.

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    Zaraforty - Pamela's post is right on. I regret that we would not be able to perform any official ceremony for you.

    Couples Resorts

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