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    Default Csa- hairdryers???

    Can anyone out there tell me if csa has hairdryers. We leave in 3 days!!!

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    Yes, the bathrooms have hairdryers,but if you have long thick hair you might want to bring your own hairdryer.

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    While they DO have hairdryers, my opinion of them is that they leave a LOT to be desired. If you have any kind of hair at all, I say pack your own. If you just want a light "breeze" on your hair, use the resort's.

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    Yes they do. Have a great trip. 250 + days to CN. I don't know if I can wait that long!

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    Yes, there are hairdryers in the bathroom.

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    Yes, there are hair dryers in the rooms.

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    The short answer is "yes". However, some posters have commented in the past that the hairdryers are not powerful enough for very long or thick hair. I personally find them just fine (after 9 trips) and never bother to pack my own.

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    Yes, Swept away has standard hotel style hair dryers.


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    There are hair dryers in all the bathrooms - but - they aren't very strong. If you have need a good strong hair dryer to do your hair I would suggest you pack one.
    Hope you have a wonderful vacation.

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    Yes, we had a small hair dryer which was attached to the wall in the bathroom in the OVS.

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    hello anyone?

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    Yes they do... and we leave in 6 days

    -Mark & Debbie
    Mark & Debbie
    Charleston, SC

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    jacynbenz: This message board is not in realtime. You might not get a reply to your post for as much as 24 hours. All posts are reviewed by Couples Mgt. and then released

    It looks like you got many replies to your post on hiardryers

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