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    Default Transportation from the airport

    If we want to take advantage of the free shuttle do we need to set it up in advance or will they automatically be there due to our reservation?

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    Just make sure they know when your flight arrives, and they will be there waiting for you (even at 3:00 AM).
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    After clearing customs just go directly to the Couples Lounge. It's about 100' to the left when you exit customs. Check in, have adrink and use the facilities if needed. In a few minutes you will be directed to a van.
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    Just head for the Couples Lounge. You WILL be taken care of immediately. They will take your luggage, check you in from their guest lists, offer you a Red Stripe beer and have your free shuttle arranged within 10-15 minutes. No Problem Mon....
    Have fun.
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    Listen, remember this- Once you step off the plane and move toward the Couples lounge- you don't have to worry about another thing. They really do take care of everything for you-this includes your return trip to the airport. Enjoy!

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