Hi all,
We booked a Secret Rendezvous at the beginning of July and just found out we got ...... CTI!! We leave on Sunday for a week. We were at CTI last summer so we're anxious to go back. I see from a recent review that Kadie is still there so we're anxious to see her again. She was one of many who made our vacation last summer. Are Kirk and Everald still there? We loved both of those guys. Anyway, my actual question is:
Where is WIFI available at the resort? Last summer, it was available in the lobby, but there was a guy wandering around who said he was there to make it available in the rooms. Has that been done? Is WIFI available anywhere in the resort now?

Thanks for any and all responses and we look forward to being there on Sunday.
windsorgirl (Christine)
CSA '07,'08
CTI '09,'10
CSS '10