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    Has the Hall of Fame link ever worked? I'd be curious to see who has the most # of trips to Couples under their belt. I remember on my first trip to CSA in July 2006 I was shocked that one couple had made 29 trips to CSA. After the full week there, I then understood why people wouldn't want to go and try anywhere else!

    We have since made a trip to CN in 2009 & are going back to CSS in 10 days! If only money were no object and then I'd probably be racking up the stays!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kurlie124 View Post
    Has the Hall of Fame link ever worked? . . . .
    The Hall of Fame posts were all on the original message board. The Hall of Fame link worked when users could access the old MB, and there used to be a link for the old MB on the right side of the screen. I notice that the link to the old MB has disappeared, so I'm afraid that the old MB, including its Hall of Fame posts, is gone for good.
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