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    Default October 2010 Jerk Tour from CSA

    October 2010 Jerk Tour from CSA - Wednesday, October 27th. Leaving from the south end of the beach at noon. Around 2 miles to Bourbon Beach, back to Best In The West, and finishing up at Ossie's; just 50 yards from CSA. Bring small mason jars for sauce, take a Pepcid or Zantac early that morning, and taste the real Jamaican Jerk.

    Bourbon Beach is 2 miles from CSA along the beach. Everyone should bring a bottle of water or two, but there's Red Stripe available all the way up the beach.

    Most folks can eat a quarter chicken - drummer and thigh - or share. Bourbon Beach makes very good chicken, but marginal pork (if they have any at all.) They have a great brown sauce and the chef will give anyone 3 or 4 ounces in a small Mason jar. From Bourbon Beach, you walk back north about a mile to CocoLaPalm. Cross through their resort (everyone does it, no problem, mon) and you'll come out to Manley Boulevard. Best In The West is diagonally across the road. Cross carefully. Again, great chicken, probably the best of the three, and standard jerk sauce - Grays and Ketchup - but it's important to get a taste of the sauce used by 90% of the jerk shacks in Jamaica. Continue north on Manly Boulevard about 1/2 a mile and you'll come to Ossie's on the same side(you can see the south lobby of CSA from there - last photo.) Skip the chicken, but load up on the pork and make sure you use plenty of her green sauce! She will also give you 3 or 4 ounces of sauce, if there's any left, but it will cost a few bucks.

    For those who want to go back to Ossie's (since it's only 50 yards from CSA) they don't start serving food until 1pm.

    This event is not sponsored by or in any way, shape, or form a Couples activity and there's no charge, except for the great food!

    If you want to join in, please post here or just show up. Bring around $30 a person (if you're not sharing) in small bills - $1 and $5 are best. There's already 4 of us going but we love the company.
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    Wish I was going with you.... I have to wait until December.

    I've been reading about a place about 2KM east of traffic circle (not on the beach, not on the cliffs) that evidently has the best pork in Negril every afternoon.... I may have to head up there and check it out in December.

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