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    It's been a while since anyone from the UK posted on this thread. We are going to be at CTI from the 26th February until the 12th March next year . Who else from the UK will be there, if anyone!
    Regards Dave and Chell

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    Well, got back (one day late due to Virgin cancelling our flight!) after two fantastic weeks at CSS. Can't wait to book again but definitely wont travel cattle class with Virgin ever again! If you went to any of the other Couples resorts, try our CSS next and I promise you wont be dissappointed!

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    Smile 22/1/2011 cti

    We are brits ! will be there 22nd jan to 1st feb....flying with virgin from gatwick but we are from notts...1st timers in jamaica so hoping an excellent choice of holiday? we will be on the cti island our 1st day !!! cant wait for some sunshine...ian & di

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    Default CSA March 2011

    Any brits heading out from the UK to CSA on or around 27 Feb

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    Default Just booked CSW in June 2010 from England

    Hi All

    this is anne-marie from London. i have just booked a 14 holiday, flying with Virgin on the 18th June 2011 to Couples Swept Away. Was going to go to CTI, but found a really good deal for CSA so i called the tour operator and changed the hotel.

    this will be our 3rd stay at a couples hotel. All three (CSA, CTI and CN) were great, but CSW is special cause we got married there 2 years ago.

    is anyone else flying out in june and will anyone else be at CSA in June?

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    Stuart - you will be there the weekend after we go home :-( (CSA 8 - 22 Feb) we'll save some rum and red stripe for you! Enjoy!

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    we are going to be at CSA for 3 weeks from March 12th to April 2nd... any other Brits going to be there at the same time?

    Hope to see you soon

    Di & Karl

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    Time to bump this up again. Anyone else from the UK going to CTI soon. We will be there arriving the 26th February and returning home on the 12th March.
    Regards Dave and Chell

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    Not too sure if we count! Mike and Julie, orginally from the UK but now living in the States. We will be at CTI March 9th until March 16th. This will be our third visit and we can't wait to escape all the snow!

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    Mike & Julie,
    Of course you count unless you don't wsnt to. It's just nice to talk to some Brits as well as all the other nationalities every now and then.
    Fortunately we haven't had any more snow since Christmas and fingers crossed we won't be seeing any for a while yet.
    May well see you there.
    It's our first visit.
    Regards Dave and Chell.

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    Talking Christmas 2011

    Hi fellow Brits,

    I am excitedly planning our trip for christmas/NY 2011.
    We have stayed with Couples once before at CSS and though am slightly scared of changing resorts...CSS is our first love afterall, we are thinking of doing a split between CTI and CSA.

    Have any of you considered a christmas break to avoid the damp!

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    We will be going to CN from 7th March for 2 weeks. This is our 4th visit to same Hotel. We love Jamaica! We love Couples Negril. Can't wait. Not long now!

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    We have been going to CTI for many years over Christmas and New Year - it's wonderful swimming in the Caribbean on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, much better than freezing in UK!! We did go to CSS one year (when CTI was closed for renovations) and it too is wonderful but CTI was our first Couples and it's our home so we keep returning home every Christmas. You'll have a great time. The celebrations for both Christmas and New Year are fabulous at both resorts.

    Mad about tennis

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    Talking 27th December 2011 - yippee !

    hello everyone.

    we have spent three New year's at couples negril and it's just the best place for new years ....... But having just returned from a two week split at cn and csa we have booked to go back to csa for this new year to try it out as the place is just as good as cn we think. I truly believe all couples resorts are the best and whichever one you visit will be wonderful. we will return in Feb 2012 and try CSS/CTI then try a future new year at one of them perhaps. I do love the beaches though at Negril so do wonder whether Ocho Rios can match this but I suppose it may have other positives which could outweigh the beach. willing to give them a try though.

    We holiday two or three times a year but couples is always the best and we continue to meet some great friends.

    anyone going to CSA for new year let me know and we can meet up for a few red stripes or even a dirty banana or two ..... Just one of their wonderful cocktails !


    Helen, Redditch, Worcs.

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    Default Just bumping it up!!

    Hi we will be at san souci from the 10th of september for 10 days, just wondering if any other Brits will be over at that time !! I'm getting so excited, I just can't wait !

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    Well, having started this thread last year I am pleased to report that my wife and I are returning to Sans Souci for our 9th wedding anniversary trip on 26th November for two glorious weeks! Can't wait to soak up the sun and relax after a somewhat challenging year business-wise!

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    Any Brits going to Sans Souci from 26th November to 10th December 2011?

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    What? Absolutely no Brits to CSS from 26/11 to 10/12? So sad!

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    Hi roger and annette will be stopping at CN this November 12th 2011 for 7nights our 3rd time here cant wait any more britt's here this time for fun in the sun , most of our days will be spent in the au natural area

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    Ray and Catriona here from the Isle of Skye NW Scotland

    We will be at CTI 18 Oct to 2 Nov (no point in going all that way for a week ). First time in Jamacia, I should be easy to spot, I'll be the one in the kilt in the evenings!

    Looking forward to meeting lots of new friends out there, and imagine giving free drink to a Scotsman AND having karaoke...!

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    Awfully quiet here!

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    Default March 2012

    Grinandbareit from London are all booked up to go to Tower Island on 8th March 2012 for 2 weeks in the sun YA Mon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart View Post
    Any brits heading out from the UK to CSA on or around 27 Feb
    Hi Stuart, Will be arriving 25 Feb to CSA, there till 10 March. We live in Staffordshire, although I lived in London till a year ago. You'll find us at tennis (morning sessions/5pm matches), and on the beach. Counting the days!!

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    HI, will be at CSS 12th Sept 2012 - 24 th Sept 2012, travelling with BA to Kingston, after not too happy with Virgin, can't be any worse, so will give them a try, anybody else there then ?

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    Carole/Colin. Not gonna be there at CSS I'm afraid but we are big big fans of CSS. If you have any burning questions then post here and we may be able to help. If you haven't been there before then prepare for one of the best beach holidays you can imagine. CSS has everything you could want and more. Have a blast! John

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