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    Default Great House Verandah Suites at CSA

    going back to CSA in April 2011 to get married, there 3 yrs ago and had the Garden Verandah room which was by the main used to the car noise but it was quite alot of walking to get to the beach & restaurants. Wondering has anyone stayed in these Great House Verandah Suites..I saw them last time and they are right by everything, which is great but are they noisey? Any input is appreciated!

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    Run a search, or try this link for past questions about the GHVS. Hope this helps!

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    Hi Minnieb23,
    My husband and I have stayed in the GVHS twice and love it. We've been on the same floor as the Aura lounge and have never been bothered by noise. I'm a pretty solid sleeper but my husband is a lighter sleeper and has never complained about the noise level in the rooms.
    I hope that helps!

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    Thanks so much Terri, really appreciate the input, now my mind is at ease..hoping we get upgraded to beachfront actually since it is our wedding/honeymoon, my travel agent put in a request for that..but even if we dont, its all good now that I know they arent noisy..

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    Hi busymom, tried that link but didnt work..appreciate your input!

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    No problem Mimmieb23! Now that I have some time....we have stayed in the GHVS and they are simply wonderful. We did notice some restaurant noise in the evening at dinnertime (i.e. dishes/voices), but by 9PM it was usually peaceful enough to sit outside with a drink and listen to the waves. Plus, most of these rooms have a lovely view of the ocean, it was great having the internet lounge nearby, and we loved being near the grill for a latenight snack. Have a wonderful wedding!!

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