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    Default 26 days to go!!!

    My Hubby to be and I are leaving in 26 days for CN. We are getting married on the beach while there and we can not wait! Just wondering..anything that we MUST do? This will be our first time to Jamaica and also to Couples.

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    Have a shot with us at the bar 24 days to ahhhhhhhhhhhh

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    Things you MUST do... try everything that interests you and one or two things you never thought you would try!!! Take the resort orientation. Try all the restaurants. Stop by the bars and try their "drink of the day" (assuming you drink)and if you don't think you will like the drink of the day, ask the bartender to make you their specialty. Get a massage in the tree house. Do the catamaran cruise. Try the AN beach. Snorkel or scuba dive. Kayak or sail into the bay so you can see the resort from the water. Have a Red Stripe. Go to the Piano Bar sing along.

    and just.....


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    Thanks for the info! And we will definitely have a shot!

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    Us, too in 23 days!

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    Congrats! 20 more days till we arrive in paradise! We will be at CSA so we will see you via excursions or resort swap! We too are getting married on the beach! Sept 4th! Congrats to you!

    Love Jen & Ian
    from West Seattle

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