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    when does this deal end? we went to tower isle for our honeymoon 3 years ago and are wanting to go to negril for our 4 year anniversary next sumemr. the main thing holding us up from booking right now is finding a flight we want. also how far is montego bay from negril? thanks!

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    Hi -

    The current Early Escapes booking window for travel in 2011 is scheduled to end on September 30. On rare occasion, we have ended a promotion earlier than scheduled. Don't wait to book!

    Couples Resorts

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    Randy is right...don't wait!

    We always book the resort long in advance of the air. The best deals for the resort run out before the airlines have even posted their rates. Then we book the air when a good deal comes around. This time, we booked our Janualy 2011 stay at Couples Negril on March 3rd and the air on July 1st.

    We have a very reliable travel agent and she keeps her eye on the air rates, so she knows when it's time to book the air.
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    We did what Wally did. Book early, worry about the flight later. They'll be a flight going there from somewhere. Enjoy.

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