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    Default Clothing for horseback riding

    Is it ok to wear shorts or capris when going horseback riding or are long pants required?

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    Long pants are highly recommended, but they will allow you to wear shorts and capris.
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    I wore long, yoga style pants, my husband wore long shorts. We were both comfortable. On our ride there was a mix of short shorts to long, heavy pants, and everyone seemed fine, since you only move at a walk, there's little chance for painful rubbing. I would recommend against jeans though because it gets very hot on the ride and a lighter material would be more comfortable.

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    If you prefer to ride in regular shorts, capris, bike shorts or skirt rather than long pants that will feel hot and sticky....but you're worried about chafing from the saddle.....just bring a beach towel along with you...throw that over the won't get in the way of the stirrups and will provide a barrier between sensitive skin and the leather.

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    Capris are fine. I wouldn't recommend shorts although I have seen people wear them. Also with capris, the stirrup straps rubbed on my bare ankles.

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    We went this past March and I wore a light pair of capris. It was perfect for the trip.

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    I have read many entries on the MB that say u should wear long pants. I was wondering if the horseback riding in Jamaica is different. I have gone horseback riding in several different countries and states and never wore long pants. I wear long shorts or capris. I will not have long pants in my suitcase for anything. It's going to be too hot for that. The ride is farely slow, I have been told so u should not chaff too bad.

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    The ride is slow, but you will chaff in areas you don't want to wearing shorts. My second trip down, I brought jeans and my wife wore capris. I suppose if the shorts are long enough though, they may work. Back then, cargos were not the style.

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