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    Default October 15-25 CSS

    I am looking at the meet up board and don't see anyone going to CSS at that time. Are going to be all alone?? Who else will be there?

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    We will be there from the 20th to the 27th! We were there last October 26th through November 2nd and loved it so much that we're going back! We'd be happy to share a drink and chat! Can't wait to get there!!

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    Hi ya Jim & Judy from Texas we be there on the 8th till the 19 this is our 5th time here cant wait to get back we spend most of out time at SSB but if you here about the guy from texas say hi

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    Default Going home

    Hey, there:

    We'll be there from October 15 to October 24th, so I'm sure we'll bump into you there. This is our third trip, so we're very excited.

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    Howdy! We will be there 15-23 and it's our 3rd trip. If anyone wants to meet up for drinks or dinner, or relaxing/playing games around the pool, let us know. That's always one of the funnest parts of the trip. We've stayed in contact with friends we made both of our previous years and have actually made 4 trips to get together with CSS friends, 3 trips here in Texas and 1 ski trip to Canada, since we met. Looking forward to seeing y'all there! Jamie and Mark from Texas

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    Sounds like we're going to have a good group down there. Looking forward to sharing a drink. How many of you are repeaters? This is our third visit.

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    Jim&Judy you aren't going to be there in January this year? We just booked the same time and place as last year. Sorry not to see you again!

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    bill and marg no this year will be in oct. we benn here in oct befor i think the weather might be better i hope if not we will try march 2011

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    four of us coming 16 - 23 first time to jamaica for me and getting excited

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    We will be getting to CSS on 101-11-10 for our first trip to Jamaica. We are getting married on the 10th in Michigan and flying out early the next day for what we hope is 7 days in paradise

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    You will not be alone !!!
    we are coming home for the 4th time the 15-22
    We are from Iowa and were married there in march of last year!!!
    We were there for Easter this year
    and are down to 12 days 10 hours and 2 minutes
    Can you tell we are excited!!
    Todd and Linda

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    hello todd and linda: looks like our dates in April do not cross at all. sorry we will miss you guys this year. your love of CSS is just part of the reason why we also fell in love with CSS after 7 trips to CTI it is our new home. new job with marriott is going far better than I had hoped for.we had to book this week because of linda's school vac. break. we will for sure see you guys again at the resort. best of luck and have a blast this trip. dave and linda

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