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    Has anyone taken the YS Falls tour from CSA? Thinking about doing this in April. Any info would be great.


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    We did the YS Falls last October..from CN. It was a tour that included the Black River, YS Falls and Appleton Rum tour. It was a full day; the falls were the best part...absolutely beautiful. You will need to pay a guide to take you up..well worth the $10, he knew exactly where to step and would take pictures for you. It was a long drive, but we got to see alot of Jamaican country, which was awesome. Enjoy.

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    Yes, we did it the last time we were in Negril. It was alot of fun. We did add on the Appleton Rum extension. It was a great opportunity to try all their different flavors. Who knew they had so many flavors!!

    If you do it, please bring some water socks-not sandals or flipflops. You want somthing covering your toes and stuck to your feet as it does involve some big rocks.

    Our guide was very good, he told us exactly where to step and when, and even took a few great photos for us. I would definatly do it again.

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