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    Default Has anyone who got Married in May recieved their Marriage Licence yet?

    We were Married May 3rd 2010 at CTI

    Still have not received our Permanent Certificate from the Resort, we left Jamaica with the Temporary one, but its been 3 months.

    Anyone else from May get theirs yet?

    Mary & Julio

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    I got married 5-15, and it took a while to get my certificate. I beleive I got it 2 weeks ago. Dont worry, it will come.


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    Thanks Suzanne,
    but we were Married before you and still have not received ours.

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    if I were you I would contact couples! We've been waiting since April and just found out today that our certificate was never even processed by the Jamaican government!

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    Thank you, I did and she told me that it was sent to the wrong address..I just don't get it, something this important, taken so lightly..we chose to marry in the beautiful resort in Jamaica, put our trust in them, and something that is so important to us, cannot even get mailed . We did everything we had to on our end, got our papers to them way in advance ..and you would think that they would make sure that when a couple pays a lot of money to come to their beautiful resort , that they would make SURE the documents would be mailed with utmost care.

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