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    Default Skinny dipping in the ocean??

    Super excited to see what all the fantastic fuss is about!! Hubby and I are coming in October-never been to Couples Resorts and never been to a nude beach before. Does Tower Isle (island) have a beach to swim in or just a pool? Thanks

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    There is a pool.... you can go into the ocean from the dock area just have to be careful of the coral... we snorkel nude of course around the island when we go....

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    You don't have to get in from the dock area... there is some beach next to the dock but there are also some stairs on the back of the island, but truly be careful, you can trip and fall onto the coral. So pay attention... but you can and will want to cool off in the water! I didn't snorkel out there, but I swam around when I felt like I had baked for awhile on the island, its so refreshing! On the really hot days, a lot of the islanders will just hang out in the water.

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