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    Default Little Grocery Store Across from CSA?

    Hello Anyone that has been there recently able to tell me if that little grocery store across from Swept Away is still there.

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    it was still open in march

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    Yes it is.

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    We were just there in December and yes, it was still there. We are assuming it will still be there in Nov. too. We have to have our bulla cake fix when we are at CSA!

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    yep...still there and going strong

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    Was there July 9 and saw it from the piano bar deck. Didn't go over but it looked like a store.

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    It was there in April.

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    Thank you everyone
    Its great little spot to get some different snacks and odd items.

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    Default Was still open on July 3rd

    We were there in July and It was still open.

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    Default Little Store

    Does anybody know if you can get cream for coffee at this little a pint or so?
    Also, do any of you know whether they sell any foreign (preferably Canadian) cigarettes or any cigarettes for the matter?

    Going back to CSA in February and these were the only two real issues that we had the last time. We found that the milk that they provide at CSA really doesn't do the job very well and that the Honduran version of Canadian smokes that you get in Jamaica are 50% less nicotine than in Canada.

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