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    Default A couple questions about CSA

    My husband and I are planning a trip to CSA in May of 2011. We will be traveling with another couple who are planning a vow renewal.
    First of what I'm sure will be many questions: My husband and I have been to Negril before and know how amazing the beach is. We would love ocean view but it pushes us over budget. What are the garden verandah suites like? I have read some reports on Trip Advisor complaining about road noise will we have a problem? I am a very light sleeper so I would prefer a room closer to the beach than the road.


    I am a photographer and she wants me to do the pictures but I noticed that the resort has contracts with certain photographers and there is a fee for outside photogs. Will there be a charge for her to use me since I am a guest?

    Thanks in advance! We are really looking forward to our first trip to Couples!

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    You can take photos if you are a guest and they are not hiring you. Many people bring their own cameras and have other guests take photos for them.

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    I posted my pictures here last February and they are buried deep somewhere. LOL! We were on the 3rd floor of the Garden Verandah Suites. Here's the link with photos:

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    So they won't question me even if I have all of my equipment with me? I'm sure people don't bring a 10th of the stuff I will have at the wedding and the shoot following. I'm not trying to break the rules I just don't want to be asked to stop in the middle of the ceremony or her to get charged a fee. I'm not going just to shoot the wedding it actually started out as just a regular vacation and then I mentioned that couples did vow renewals and they jumped at the idea because they didn't have a wedding the first time. I am really excited to add the pictures to my portfolio!

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    The resorts all employ their own photographers. You often see them around the restaurants or other entertainment areas. (They are always polite if you say you don't want your picture taken.) They also offer professional photographers for weddings. It's a commercial venture, and this is why they don't want other professionals taking pictures.

    You say that you are not a professional photographer, but you mention a lot of equipment and a portfolio. I really doubt that you would be questioned about areas you shoot around the beach, gardens, etc., but if it were me, and I was the only person taking wedding pictures, I would clear it with Couples beforehand.

    I took a tripod, camera, external flash, and 2 lenses. That was it, and I seldom used the tripod. I took a ton of shots, as you can see in the link I posted above, and I was was never questioned about my motives. However, I did not have a bunch of professional-looking equipment, and I did not shoot any weddings. It would be better if you knew in advance of packing up all your equipment. If you have a travel agent, ask them, and they can let you know. If you don't have a travel agent, you should contact the resort. If they say it's no problem, I would print it out and have it handy for anyone who asks. JMHO.

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    I'm a photographer too and brought a ton of equipment last time. Many photographers do. When we were there in April I had just come directly from our wedding which was out of town so I had everything with me. Nobody said anything but I didn't shoot any of the weddings.
    You can write to the wedding coordinator about it to make sure. She would know for sure. Make sure to stress that you are a guest and not getting paid. I think it would be fine though. People have made threads on here asking if anyone else anyone else getting married at the same time would want to take photos of each others weddings. They aren't professionals but they have nice cameras so they KNOW they can take photos that are just as good.

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    We have stayed in all the room categories there and our garden view room was probably our favorite. We were in the row close to the road and didn't notice the noise after the first day. It was more secluded which we loved. You can't go wrong with any room there. We did do the oceanfront veranda the first time and loved being so close to the water but people were constantly right at your room which has it's drawbacks too. Have fun. We love CSA sooooo much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melody View Post
    They aren't professionals but they have nice cameras so they KNOW they can take photos that are just as good.
    LOL! Ahhhh... That's funny!
    Anyway... Yes I am a professional photographer however I am not going as a "paid" photographer, I am going as their friend. I am doing the wedding partly as a gift to them and to add to my portfolio in hopes of booking more destination weddings in the future. I will contact the resort personally just to be sure. I know of several other resorts that do not charge the outside photographer fee even if they are there only for that reason so I would hope couples would let me photograph my friends vow renewal.

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    Default Pics from Patricia

    We were at CN this year, end of February, and are considering CSA for February 2011 so I enjoyed the pictures you posted. It was nice to see what CSA looks like(just as amazing as CN!) and you took me back to a most memorable vacation with the pics from CN. Thank you for brightening my day!!!

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    Hi Sharon... John & Kim from NH. We were at CN last Feb when you were there. Going back to CN end of Feb to beginning of March 2011, again.

    Now that you are repeaters, you can do the trading places for a day. We have stayed at CSA before and loved it, but CN is our home. Last time we spent a day at CSA and met some friends we've gotten to know from the past 2 New England/Jamaica PAR TAA. CSA is a little “bigger” than CN, but we loved walking along the beach and visiting all the little shops along the way.

    You can’t go wrong in either place. Hope to see you & Will next Feb.

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    Default John & Kim

    I was just talking about you guys this past weekend! We have another couple going with us in 2011 and I was explaining about being "repeaters" and some of the people we met. We're looking at Feb. 26th - March 6th, 2011. We decided to try a different Couples resort for a new twist, but we wouldn't stray far from Couples or Negril. We loved our trip this year. One of the reasons for a change is what you mentioned: walking the longer beach and stopping at the little shops & possibly Margaritaville. Also, different room types & choice of restaurants. Hope you both are doing well! Let the countdown begin!

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    Hi John and Kim. We'll be at CSA again this year with Linda and Steve this time. We'll have to have another NH reunion. This time how about we do the trading places and come see you at CN? And you can come see us, too, if you want. Our trip is planned from February 19-February 27. The four of us decided to take Timair from Mobay to Negril. Countdown clock says 172 days left. Warmweatherfriend, looks like we overlap by only one day.

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    Default SueandBill

    My significant other will be sporting either Pittsburgh Steeler or Pittsburgh Penguins attire in some sort of fashion so we will be easy to find. If you spot us, please say "hello"! looks like our group has grown from 2 to 3 couples at this point in time. We've actually booked our airfare because of a good deal - now, we have to book the rooms at CSA. Almost there...woohooooooo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patricia View Post
    I posted my pictures here last February and they are buried deep somewhere. LOL! We were on the 3rd floor of the Garden Verandah Suites. Here's the link with photos:
    Wonderful photos

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    Patricia, thank you soooooo much for sharing your CSA vacation pictures! They look awesome! It will be our first time to Jamaica and CSA this December and your pics just made us excited all over again!

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