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    we are going to CSA next summer. i want to bring back a small wood carving or two and maybe a painting or some jewelry. do venders come to CSA? we went to CTI 3 years ago and we mainly brought back liquor and i bought a necklace from the "walking shopping tour". i bought a photo album from a vender that was at the resort one night. also, what are some "average prices" for the carvings and paintings

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    There are many vendors like you are looking for there. They were there twice a week I believe. I can't remember the prices but you can negotiate with them.

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    Wednesday is the day when they have over a dozen vendors set up along the pathway near the watersports hut at CSA. There will be several wood carvings and jewelery vendors. I bought a small wooden dog carving a few years ago and it was $20. I also bought a necklace and it was around $20. You can always negotiate.

    They also have a few vendors who set up almost every day. There is a t-shirt vendor who paints his own design. He is wonderful and very talented.

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    There are also many vendors on the beach very close to CSA. Prices will vary and you can make an offer. It's a lot of fun! I love talking to the locals and like to give them some business.

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