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    Default What time of year is best to get married?

    I'm planning on getting married in 2011 but im not sure when? When is the weather best? What resort is best? Its just the 2 of us and I want to get married on the beach-im so confused about all the resorts-Help! thanks!

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    Of course weather is hit or miss, but May is known to be a particularly rainy month, even though it's the busiest for weddings, according to our WC. June to Nov. is the hurricane season. Not likely you'll have one, but you'd need a back up plan in case. Still, you could get a tropical storm then and some serious rain.
    So we picked Jan for our wedding. It's when we always go away to escape the cold rainy winters at home. It's in the dry season in Jamaica and not the hottest time (yet plenty hot enough) It's also not so humid.
    In the 2 weeks we only had a couple of sprinkles, and our wedding day was brilliant sunshine and not unbareably hot. Perfect.
    Plus now we can go away for our winter vacations and celebrate our anniversary.

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    What all do you plan on doing while there? What do you like to do at a beach resort? We need to know a little more to point you in the right direction. There is a weather topic on the main board at the top they may answer some weather related questions. Everyone will have "their" favorite resort. I've been to CN once and going back to get married there next June. I don't think you can choose a wrong place to stay.

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    well we have never been to Jamaica and really want a luxury hotel, its just us getting married and we have never been on a vacay before without our kiddies-I want to be married on the beach barefoot-and we would like to do the catamaran cruise too while there-We are having a hard time deciding between S and Couples resort We want a whirlpool tub in our room too-im just confused to the best couples resort-we want something "new or upgraded" type of resort.

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    December at CSA. Best beach and December is the best time of year.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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