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    Default CSS - Is the Penthouse really worth it?

    My husband and I went to CTI this past April for our wedding and want to go back to try CSS for our anniversary. We were excited about booking the penthouse but it is doesnt seem to be available for the week that we want it, so our next option was going to be the one bedroom oceanfront suite. Is the one bedroom oceanfront suite really that much different than the penthouse? Any info, advice or help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Definitely worth it! In fact, our last 2 nites, we had to be in the oceanfront suite w/ balcony & thought it was great, as well, but the layout is different. I really, really loved the penthouse! You won't regret it.

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    A one bedroom ocean suite would be closer to the penthouse suites than the ocean front suite. The ocean suites are in the cliffs as are the penthouses and the ocean front are on the beach level. We prefer the cliffs F & G blocks have enormous balconies which we love.


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