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    Default Excursion suggestions for an expecting mom

    When my husband and I visit CSS I will be 3 months pregnant, so we are looking for activities outside of the resort that I will be able to participate in. We had planned on doing the Dunns River trip and swimming with the dolphins, but neither of these will work anymore. We would like to be able to see Jamaica a bit so does anyone have any suggestions on a tour or activity that would work for us and is worthwhille? Thank you!

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    You can go to Dunn's River Falls and not climb. There was a couple that watched from platforms. You can enjoy the beauty of the place.

    I think that expectant Mom's can enjoy the shopping too.

    The Blue Mountain Bike Tour is a nice ride up into the Blue Mountains. The ride down is done slowly (10 mph) and is nice way to see some of Jamaica. There is even a swim near a water fall at the end of the tour. They do accomodate non-riders.

    Congratulations by the way!

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    Default pregnant at CSS

    that is what i ran into. we booked our honeymoon 6 months ago and on our honeymoon to CSS next week for 7 days my wife will be 5 months. we had planned atv tours and zip lining but i think we are now just relaxing and taking things as they come. the dunns falls tour was said to be alot of walking and climbing but nothing extremely straining.

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    Just a thought, tho.... At 3 months, you will probably still be experiencing the exhaustion phase of your first trimester. Don't fight it. Rest and relax as much as you can. This is your last chance for rest for about, oh, 18 years.
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    Thanks! I didn't realize you could go to the falls and not actually climb so that is something to look into. I think taking it day by day seems like a good plan

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