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    Leaving for CN in 6 days. We'll be there for a week. We wanted to start planning some excursions/trips. Mostly, we want to enjoy our vacation, but I would love some recommendations on what trips/excursions we should do and which ones we should avoid.


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    Honestly, I don't know that you want to try to plan a lot of the excursions until you get there and see the activities. CN is so much fun just being there during the day and there is so much to do there, you migh just choose not to leave the resort. IMO, the first day you get there you are trying to rest, the last is lost to travel pretty much, so you have 5 days and you may very well discover that the beach volleyball, pool volleyball and all other activities (seemed like there was something on the list from very early to quite late in the evening) are enough to keep you busy and then when you are ready to rest, you are right there where you can do that as well. We were there 5 days last year and never left the resort and didn't miss it. We will be going 6 days this year with no plans for leaving the resort at all.

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    I would just stay at the resort and take the excursions that CN offers like the catamaran cruise and the snorkeling trips, glass bottom boat, kayaking, shopping and Rick's. These are all free and great fun.But I tell you, you get so relaxed while you are there, it's hard to leave.

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