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    Default CSA Catamaran Cruise

    Hi Everyone,

    I am planning my wedding at CSA for May 16, 2011. I know there is a Wedding Message Board, but thought I might get more replies on this Message Board as my question isn't wedding specific.

    I am hoping to book me and my guests for the Catamaran Cruise mid-day before we head off to dinner. For those who have been here and gone on the cruise:

    Do you know how many people the cruise can accomodate?
    Can I register my party all at once the day I arrive to ensure we have a spot? (I am arriving on the Friday and getting married on the Monday)

    I found an independent company that charges $52USD per person for the catamaran cruise and want to avoid this additional cost if possible.

    Thanks for your help!!


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    The cat cruise is not a mid-day cruise - it is a sunset cruise. It usually leaves around 3:30 and gets back around 6:00. Not sure that is enough time before your dinner.

    Yes, you can try to make reservations on the Friday you arrive for your entire wedding party. However, that doesn't mean that they will have the available space on the Monday cruise. The cat doesn't go out every day, so you'll also need to make sure there even is a Monday cat cruise.

    It's a fairly big cat, I would say it can hold at least 30-40 people.

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    I do not know the exact number the cruise will accommodate but you should have no problem getting your group on the trip. Just do it as soon as you can after arriving.

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    Thank you very much for the reply The timing of the cruise actually sounds perfect!

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    We did the same thing on our wedding day. Its a good way to be lively and accommodating for your guests. After dinner, we said "See you later" to our families and enjoyed the rest of our weddingmoon alone.

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    Just don't expect a quiet, visiting with the guests-type excursion. It's a real booze cruise!

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    We did the cat cruise on our wedding day with our guests. We had an 11am ceremony, garden reception, times for phots and a little more time to spare before the cat cruise. We got back just at sunset and got some very casual (cover-ups and after swim messed up hair!) sunset photos on the beach before everyone went to get ready for dinner. I think we were back a bit earlier than 6:00 since it was Jan. and the sun sets a little bit earlier in winter.
    It worked perfectly for us. It was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed it.
    You didn't mention how many in your group? You could always ask if you can book ahead. Not sure if they will let you, but doesn't hurt to ask.
    It's a very large cat. I think it could be one that's rated for 100 or so. A cruise line would stuff it full, but Couples wouldn't. I would say we probably had 50 or so on ours and it didn't seem overly crowded.

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    For those of you who did this, were all of your guests staying at a couples resort? Our guests are not all couples (no children, just adults) and we were wondering how this would work?

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    To take advantage of the catamaran cruise, you must be a guest at Couples.

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    Thanks for the info! We will have somewhere between 16-20 people with us and they will all be staying at the resort so I think this could work out perfectly...

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    Me and my wife just got married there 8.9.10 and did the cruise it departed between 4-5pm was back at 730 and we had 40 ppl with no problem they take amazing pictures of your group on the cruise and you get to swim threw a cave in pirates cove Awesome times!! send an e mail to Alecia or Debbie and arrange that before you arrive thats what we did worked out perfectly. hope that helps


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    Congrats Allen!

    Oh that sounds awesome. I will definitely email them before hand to set that up. Thanks so much!!

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    Allen...sorry one more question that I hope you can help me out with.

    I noticed you got married on a Monday and that is what we are doing as well. Did you have a dinner after the cruise? If so did you go to a restaurant or do the private dinner? I just realized that Patois is unavailable and the Palms has their International Buffet that night...just not sure about the whole buffet thing for our wedding dinner.

    Thanks again!

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