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    To see all these new people on here asking questions and looking for help...and now being one of the ones to help out. Last year that was us, our first trip in November, and knowing what they have coming....I'm so happy for them. This board was invaluable to me last year with the information and I am so happy to help others now because what I learned sure made so many things easy. Especially the first day, we were tired, just wanted something to drink. I knew the layout, followed the pool and found the beach grill bar and that turned out to be our favorite spot.

    Hope all of you "newbies" ask tons of questions and post your reviews and thoughts when you get back and help others. It is a special, special place and you won't truly understand until you get there, but "once you go, you know!"

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    Same here, I leaned so much before our first trip. hubby thought I was crazy being on here so much, but when we got there I knew just about everything there was to know, just needed to find out where everything was. We are returning for our 5th (?) trip this Dec and can't wait. Newbies, you are in for a vacation of your life and most of you will be repeaters after your first trip. Ask away, learn as much as you can and you are in for a vacation of your life!!!!!

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    My hubby thought I was crazy too, but was glad once we got there and I had an idea of where things were, what to do, etc. We skipped the orientation because the time didn't work for us the first day and by the second day,we had walked around quite a bit. We get there a little earlier this year and still want to do that to make sure we haven't missed something crucial. Besides, it is a great way to meet people too and you are walking around the most beautiful place in the can it be wrong? Love seeing all the new people and their excitement. But it will be so much more once you get there!

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