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    Default CSS review-June 14-21, 2010-WOW

    My review is a bit late but I think I needed a couple of months for the experience to fully set in.

    We arrived at CSS very late in the evening and were greeted with bright eyes and happy smiles. We booked a one-bedroom ocean suite. We were given D17, which was a very nice room, however, it was not what I expected from the description and photos I used on the resortís website to make my room decision. I asked the bellman if we were indeed in the correct category and he confirmed that we were. Being so stressed from travel we decided to just head to the beach bar and address the issue in the am. Early the next morning I went to reception and addressed my concern. Without hesitation I was shown a different room, G2. Now that was what Iíd been dreaming about. Problem solved and not another single issue with anything the rest of the trip.

    We spent the following two days just exploring the resort, finding all those hidden nooks and crannies everyone mentions, stopping to take a dip here, have a drink there along the way. Iím still not sure we found them all. If you are able to handle the stairs you will find your trek from the beach area to the upper levels to be a great daily adventure. What a place-lush, romantic, classy yet casual-a true sight to behold. I donít think Iíve ever taken so many photos of a resort in my life. From every vantage point you could turn just a few degrees to the left or right and see something completely different and spectacular. This place is a true gem.

    The food was great at every restaurant. I especially loved being able to eat a casual dinner right on the beach without reservations. All the drinks were top notch.

    The beach is small but very well maintained. It is in a cove so there is no foot traffic from other resorts or vendors. The water is shallow, perfect for swimming or relaxing on the floaties they provide. There are plenty of chairs-and shade if you need it. The pool is also fairly small, but crystal clean. Even though the resort is very large and spread out, their capacity is low so you will never feel crowded. Donít let the small beach or pool deter you, there is no need for anything bigger. You can always find a place to congregate and socialize, but at the same time you can always find spots to be alone.

    The biggest asset to any of the Couples resorts is their staff. They are over-the-top first class. We have only been to CN (3x) and CSS (1x) but Iím seeing a trend here and canít imagine it to be any different at CSA or CTI, which we will eventually get to. If youíve been to other resorts youíll notice this HUGE difference the minute you arrive at the lounge at the airport and all thru the trip. If a Couples resort is your very first vacation, be prepared to be disappointed at any other subsequent resorts.

    To sum it up, donít doubt the great reviews, they are right on, and the beautiful pictures you see posted-well, they are even more spectacular first hand. We will definitely be back, but not before we return to our first love, CN, and P.S., Tommywommy, I dreamed I met you at the STL airport in the lounge waiting for a flight to Jamaica. Care to take a guess on whatís been on my mind lately? Hoping to get to CN this fall. Happy and safe travels to all.

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    Nice review! It appears that u still miss CN. I am glad that u were open to try the other side.

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    Spice-we sure are missing CN, but wouldn't trade our CSS visit for the world. I think CSA will be our next stop after CN.

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    We booked the same type of room. What was it about that first room that didn't work for you guys? I have only been to CSA so I don't know much about CSS other than the photos like you mentioned. How do the room numbers work in relation to the floors? Thanks for your review!

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    Thanks for that great review. Will be doing our first Couples trip to CSS end of jan and love reading everyone thoughts and advice
    What was the process like for booking dinner reservations? Can you book a few days in a row and is it pretty easy to get a fairly early time slot? We eat usually about 6:30 when away as I can't eat too late due to stomach issues.
    So excited to go!! Glad they were able to change your room for you as well

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    As far as room numbers, I don't have a clue as to how they correspond to certain rooms. It's not that the first room wouldn't have "worked" for us, it just wasn't what I was expecting when I used the resort website to make my category choice. We knew that the resort had a small beach, small pool and LOTS of steps but as a tradeoff the view and suite we were expecting is what made us decide to try CSS instead of returning to CN. We've been together 25+ years and love each other dearly but do need our space because we're not used to spending 24/7 together, thus the choice of the OBOS, as advertised and we did intend to spend a lot if time in the room and on the balcony. Hey, you can still be in love without being attached at the hip. The first room had a good size bedroom and bathroom with a small sitting room separated from the sleeping area by sliding french doors. Off the sitting room was a very small balcony, hardly enough room for the two chairs and small table. The view was decent though. The second room had the same size bedroom, the bathroom was larger (two separate vanities), had a hallway leading to the large living room (with a wet bar), then off the living room was a huge balcony with a double lounger and a table with four chairs and lots of standing room. The view was incredible, down over the mineral pool and chessboard areas, out to the elevator, then out over the opposite point of the cove. The sun rose behind us and set directly out over the bay and opposite point-this is the reason at least one third of the MANY pictures I took were from the balcony at various times of the day. I sure don't mean to sound like a broken record, but since you asked, I DO understand the fact that this resort was partially converted from a "different kind of use" property and the rooms are not cookie-cutter (thank goodness), but these were two completely different rooms in the same category (I asked to make sure the first room was indeed a OBOS). I know it would take a lot of effort but I would like to see them do some subcategorizing, advertise exactly what you will get, and charge accordingly. We would have gladly paid more to be sure we had a room like we got in the end. If we hadn't used the panoramic views on the site to make my decision we probably wouldn't have known the difference. I just suggest you read thru some posts and collect a list of room numbers from people who were very pleased and upon arrival be prepared to see if you get one of them and if not ask politely if they are available or will be available in a day or so. The night in the first room certainly didn't take away from my experience as a whole, however, if we wouldn't have been able to experience the second room at all we really feel like we would have come away somehow missing something. I guess it's the curse of spending TOO much time researching a trip, ha ha. Safe and happy travels.

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