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    Default I missed the $500 resort credit/ other offers?

    Hi everyone,
    I just started looking at vacation options for my husband and my 25th anniversary(June 2011). We decided on Couples but I see we are too late to take advantage of the wonderful "book early" $500 resort credit. Does Couples sometimes offer this more than once in a year? Also, If I book my room now, can I still add the airfare on later? Thanks!

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    The offer is gone. Go ahead and book. Keep your eyes on the wednesday specials. they have offered a $500 bonus as the deal. You can always change your booking.

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    You know, we have been at Couples with and without the resort credit and you will have a fabulous time either way. I don't have to have that credit. There is so much to love about the place.

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    yes you can book your airfare separately. We have been doing this, since we book the room so early for our trips to get the specials. The airfare usually isn't even available at the time we book the room. Only drawback is you usually don't have any insurance for the airfare booking separately

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