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    Default Romance Rewards on First Trip

    Can you use Romance Rewards on your first trip, for example get two tshirts and a couples 30 minutes massage, ect. I know you would not get the return guests dinner, however we are staying 5 nights and that would start us in the Young Love catergory.

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    Hi moelouhill,

    Sorry... you won't receive any of the Romance Rewards gifts until you return on your next trip. The only thing you can do on your first trip is use the Trading Places program.

    But... you WILL be back!

    Have fun,

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    Romance Rewards are rewards for returning guests. Sign up for Romance Rewards before your stay and provide your RR number at check-in. After your vacation's conclusion, points for your stay will be added to your account. When/if you return, you will receive RR perks based upon the number of previous nights stayed/points in your RR account. Because you are a first-time guest, you will have NO points in your account upon arrival and will not be entitled to receive any perks.

    As a first-time guest who is a member of the Romance Rewards program, however, you can take advantage of the Trading Places program.
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    You will get the massage and t-shirts on your second visit.

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    On your next trip.

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    Rewards do not start until you come back for a second stay. However, as a Romance Rewards member, during your first stay you will be able to take advantage of the trading Places Program and visit the sister resort located on the same side of the island as your home resort.

    From the Couples Romance REwards web page:


    Welcome to Couples Resorts’ Romance Rewards
    As a loyal guest you can earn “Romance Rewards”. Upon your return visit to Couples Resorts you will be pampered with unique benefits based on your Romance Rewards Level. Just click the "New Member Sign-up" button to register.

    Membership Levels
    Three Romance Rewards redemption levels entitle members to unique benefits and are attained as follows.

    •Young Love 3-13 Nights Stayed

    •Renewed Love 14-23 Nights Stayed

    •Passionate Love 24+ Nights Stayed

    In order for your Romance Rewards account to be credited for your stay, you must provide your Romance Rewards number to staff at the Front Desk prior your check-out.

    Nights Stayed are cumulative. In order to maintain your membership level you must return for at least 7 nights within 5 calendar years. In order to be credited for the stay your Romance Rewards number must be inserted into your current reservation prior your check-out.

    Please allow 30 days for your previous stay to be verified and your account credited. Duplicate registrations will be cancelled.

    New Membership - Returning Guest
    If you are a new Romance Rewards member you will receive rewards for stays starting in 2009.

    Pre Check-in for Romance Rewards members
    Now you can pre check-in online where you will be able to let us know your gift preferences in advance.

    •You must pre-check in at least 3 days in advance of your arrival date.
    •Your gift will be delivered to you within 24 hours of your check-in at the resort.
    •Please note that failure to pre check-in may result in a further delay of benefits delivery.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    The romance rewards start on your 2nd trip to Couples.

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    Your RR account is credited AFTER your stay not during or before.
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    My understanding is that the Romance Rewards will be effective upon your 2nd trip back/return to Couples -- not your first visit. The one advantage that you do get on your first trip as a Romance Rewards member is the opportunity to take advantage of trading placing with the sister resort (i.e., between CN and CSA or between CSS and CTI).

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    I'm pretty sure the romance rewards take effect on your second visit.

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    To be in the young love category you had to have already stayed for at least 3 nights. You will be in that category for your next visit.

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    You have to be a repeater to use the Romance Rewards program. Sign up and you can use it next time.

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    Sorry to tell you that you can not use the rewards on your first trip. You can use them on your future trips whether or not it is at the same resort or not. Our first trip was to CTI and we received our tee shirts and couples massages on our next trip to CSA.

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    On your 1st trip to a Couples Resort you earn Romance Rewards but are not elligible to use them as they are not awarded until after check-out. You get the perks, based on Romance Reward level (i.e. Young Love), on subsequent Couples Resort visits.

    Bart & Bug

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    While I totally understand it's for returning guests( and agree totally with that) it really kinda is a bummer for us as our first trip is for 11nights!! Too bad our last few nights do not count as a 'second week' and we could get the perks..LOL Oh well, if we love Couples we'll be back with 11 nights under our belt Signed up already so all we have to do is give the number on check in

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunflower1972 View Post
    While I totally understand it's for returning guests( and agree totally with that) it really kinda is a bummer for us as our first trip is for 11nights!!
    If you do a split trip, you are considered returning guests at the second resort.
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    Thanks for the info Pamela, but we decided to do the whole 11 nights at CSS. Can't waitAfter much research it was the one that just felt like 'us'

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    Default repeaters benefits

    My wife and I have just booked again for CSA next Feb. We were there in Jan 2008. Are we eligible for any repeaters benefits? If so how do we organise this?
    Many thanks for your help.

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    How does RR work if for instance I have already been to CSA 2x, but this will be his first visit?

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