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    Default Garden Verandah Suites at CSA

    Hi all;
    We stayed in a GVS on our last trip to CSA and loved it!
    However, this was before the changes in the room classifications. We have booked a GVS for our trip in January and I am concerned that we will end up in one of the former "garden suites." I have never seen a picture of these rooms and wonder if anyone has one. Are they very different from the original GVS? We loved the big verandah on our room soooo much!

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    We stayed in the "Original" Garden Suites our first visit and subsequent visits we stayed in the Garden Verandah Suites. I do know the "Original" had just as big a balcony as the Garden Verandah.
    I think the only difference, and I am not sure I am being accurate here, is the "Orignal" Garden Suites did not have a full wall between bathroom and the bedroom.
    The only reason we booked the Garden Verandah was we were travelling in the fall and hubby needed to catch the football scores and I like having the mini-bar. Now that all rooms have the mini-bar, no problems.

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    We stayed in the Garden Suite this past April just as they were doing the change over, at the time we did not have a tv in the room, they had put in the mini bar, I found the room was basically the same as the GVS, we spent alot of time on the verandah, had a great lounge chair and of course the sofa and cement table. We were on the ground floor, corner room, we had breakfast delivered every morning by 7am and shared it with the birds and a little cat that would visit, he only became friendly because I worked at it. I was really comfortable with the room and have no problem with it if we were to end up in the same location again.

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    Marnie, if all you are worried about is the size of the verandah in the former garden suites, then relax. The verandahs in the original section of CSA are bigger than those in the "verandah" suites. I admit I had to giggle when I first saw the new suites because I thought the name "verandah" was so inapropriate!

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