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    I really want to book our holiday...and I just keep changing my ming on which Couples to Choose. My first choice was CN, but then I looked at the restauarnts and food at CSS and being that my husband and I are real foodies we decided CSS. But then looking at the pictures the grounds look so much nicer at CN? THen I started to look at Swept Away...and they have more restaurant options than Negril. Any one with any this rate I'll wait to long and miss the flights that are available now. We would be arriving Christmas Day.

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    A part of me says that if you were thinking of CN first, you should go that way. But, I have to say that if you are a foodie go for CSS or CSA. CSA has the most food and bar options of all the Couples resorts and the beach is the best! I think you get the best of both food and beach at CSA. Good luck deciding. I'm sure you won't be disappointed in any resort.

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    My husband & I were at CSS from 8/7 to 8/14. We absolutely love the food at the Palazzina. They have a great buffet style breakfast & they will make an omelette for you. They also have a buffet style lunch & if you love sweets, then this is your place. Yummy! Dinner was sit down w/ a buffet style appetizer. They also have a pasta bar where they will make pasta w/ alfreido sauce, bolognese or a simple red sauce. We went to Casanova one night & were disappointed w/ the food & service. But overall, Palazzina made up for our great eating experience!

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    While the food at the four resorts is very similar, CSA does have the most food options. All four resorts have a breakfast buffet with an omelet station, and all four have a lunch buffet and offerings at the beach grill. CSA is the only one of the four, however, that offers an additional ala carte menu for breakfast and lunch at a separate restaurant.

    Because the food is so similar (we visited all four resorts within an 18-month period of time, so I'm comfortable making this statement), I wouldn't make my decision based upon food. CN is our favorite; we've been guests there 13 times and will make trip 14 next month. If that is the resort that appeals to you the most, then go ahead and book a trip there. You won't be disappointed--with the resort or with the food.
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    If you are going at Christmas I would suggest you pick either CN or CSA. Negril gets less rain at that time of year so your chances of good weather is better in Negril than in OR. If CN called to you first then go there. The food is pretty much the same across all 4 locations.

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    The first thing that popped out at me was that you thought CN was more beautiful. In my opinion, there is no resort on earth that is more beautiful and romantic than CSS! Not that CN is not beautiful but there is something special about CSS and her grounds.
    They also have the great room service that the others do not have.
    But as others have said, you cant go wrong with any of them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristineMcMullen View Post
    ...My first choice was CN, but then I looked at the restauarnts and food at CSS and being that my husband and I are real foodies we decided CSS...
    The food at CN is a wee but better than at CSS. We got some bad food at CSS in March 2009. The food at CN has been excellent 98% of the time in 3 trips there! Go to CN. We honeymooned there and after staying at/visiting all 4 Copuples resorts, it is by far our favorite! There is a bigger variety of foods at CN too!
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