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    Default Repeater's Dinner CSS

    Can someone who has been to the repeater's dinner at CSS recently tell me what they served. We are going next week, and I need to know If I need to eat something before we go. I have very weird eating habits.

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    the menu varies, so anyone responding with a specific menu may mislead you. We've been there at times when they've had filet, but the last time it was salmon and lamb chops. The truth is, it's not something that you should really worry about. As soon as you get there, check the menu to see if it will be ok for you. If not, let someone know right away and they are kind enough to make other arrangements. I don't like either salmon or lamb, so they arranged for me to have steak.

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    If, once I'm seated & see the Repeater's menu (at any of the Couples, not just CSS), it doesn't appeal to me (as in, I'm a fussy eater & just don't like a lot of stuff), I've let the wait people know & they've brought me something totally different.

    For example, if they brought around some kind of seafood soup for an appetizer, I would decline since I don't like seafood. The waiter/ress would always offer to bring me something else. Then, if there was also seafood as part of the entree, they would proactively ask if I wanted something else for my entree.

    I just love how accommodating they are at Couples !!


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    Default Delicous!

    When we were there, it was a fillet with shrimp for the entrée. I believe there were potatoes with a plantain chip on the side. There was also a soup and an appetizer, but I just don't remember what they were.

    It was fantastic! Can't wait to see what they come up with for this visit.

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    Thanks guys. Leave in morning.

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    As has been previously mentioned, the menu changes each week so there's no predicting what will be on the menu. Another option, if the food should not meet your "weird eating habits", is to head back to your room afterwards and order room service and have a wonderful dinner on your own balcony. This is one of the things that makes CSS service for lunch and dinner, not just breakfast.

    Enjoy your stay!
    Bart & Bug

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