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    Default Air Taxi to CSS?

    Has anyone used private air transportation from Montego Bay to CSS? If so how do we make those arrangements and what is the cost? Thanks in advance for the information.

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    Default Timair

    Expect to pay about 410.00 one way. Its costs double what a flight to negril would be.

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    IMHO, $410 per couple each way to Ocho Rios is not worth it. The new road from Mobay to Ocho Rios cuts down the trip to leff then 90 minutes. It is a 20 minute ride from the airstrip in Ocho Rios to either CTI or CSS. You save about 20 minutes vs the bus. Not worth the cost

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    Thanks for the info!

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    Default air taxi

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck&Dee View Post
    Has anyone used private air transportation from Montego Bay to CSS? If so how do we make those arrangements and what is the cost? Thanks in advance for the information.
    Yes, you can contact for quotes

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    Ok, this is going to sound kind of corny but the bus ride from the airport to the resort is a good time to get to meet other people that are going to be at the resort when you are. Everyone is so excited plus you get to see a little more of the island.

    I know I am probably the only one that thinks this but I actually enjoy the ride but then again everyone says I am a little weird.


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    Default Kathy

    The first time I took the trip from MBJ to Negril, I was scared to death...have been mutltiple times, so now it's nothing...a good time to visit, enjoy a few cold Red Stripes! We did take TimAir one time when the road was under construction and the ride would have been 3 hours vs 45 min. to Negril, so it was well worth it that time, only 14 min. by air...but, since then, we always take the bus. Going to CSS in July, was at Couples Negril last August...can't wait to get back to Jamaica!!!!

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    We used to do the inter island flight on Airtran when it was only $195 one way for two now it is flat out too darn expensive especially since the road is new and the bus ride isn't bad at all. We're saving the bucks and taking the bus!
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    The bus ride really isn't that bad. We could forego the "required" stop on the way, and would rather go directly to the resort, but you do get to meet some of the people who will be at the resort with you. It is always fun to take a poll on who is going to the AN side! It gets some interesting discussions going!

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    We use to think about it when we went to CN every year, quite harrowing at times. The bus ride to CSS is a breeze, actual highway and everything. No worrying about hitting people on the side of the roads or the buildings either for that matter. Enjoy the ride, the stop, get some extra Red Stripes for the rest of the trip and then you are there. And every little thing is good!

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    I really could have used the flight to Negril for our honeymoon. Doing cuervo shots the night before at the reception did not make for a very good feeling on the bus ride! Lol My wife said the look on my face was priceless as I was fighting the urge to hurl everywhere...god I was hurting that day. Will just take the bus on our visit in November to either cti or css

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    We just booked with International Airlink for our trip to CTI in three weeks. Once you add in taxes and fees it's about $130 per person one way if you have at least four people on the plane. We, too, really enjoy the ride (and the stop!), but wanted to do something this trip.

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