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    Does anyone have any info/opinion about the beachfront rooms at CSS? I was wondering how the views are and if staying in the Verandah suite in D block would be nicer. Thanks....

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    Depending on which room you get will change the view slightly. Here are photos from our Beachfront suite B36 (corner room - third floor). Really great (even with one tree trying to spoil our view). We were just there in May and are preparing to book again. You'll love it.
    Mike & Martha

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    I also am still confused about the views. I think I have read every post. I finally decided Sans Souci and believe I am looking at the One Bedroom Suite. Just can't decide if I want the view off the cliffs, Ocean Suite or the Beach Front. It appears to me that the beachfront has much smaller balconies but the only one that has the jacuzzi bathtub, except of course the penthouse which isn't available on this last notice. We arrive on August 28th, so I have to hurry and book. We just cancelled another resort in Montego Bay, just decided Sans Souci looked much more tropical. My question is are most of these views on the cliffs covered with beautiful trees or can you really have a clear view of the bay?

    Sunset Beach, does anyone know if you can access the beach on the other side of Sunset beach for a walk of course off the resort?

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    We've been to CSS 3 times and have stayed in a one bedroom ocean suite on the cliffs (G-5)(x2) and a beachfront suite on the second floor corner of A block right next to B block. We've never stayed in a verandah suite but have heard that D block is nice. The one thing we found was that the beachfront suites do not have a very large balcony and we found the view from G Block to be better. Here's a link to some pictures we took of the beachfront suite we stayed at earlier this year

    Hope this helps,
    Bart & Bug

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    i doubt which view you get will be your biggest concern considering you'll spend most of your time out of the room anyways...and when you're in the'll be sleeping or no worries!

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