We are going to CSS october 3-6th. I know that is awfully short, but that's as long as the grandparents can handle our 4 kids and as ling as this momma can stand to stay away from them! Marriage has been a but rocky, excited about giving it a boost in paradise. This will be our first time at a AN beach, freaked out but excited! I'm 37, just now feel like I no longer aml terribly self conscious about my body. Everyone makes the experience sound so great! I'm a hippie at heart, I'm sure it will be terrifying at first though. We're probably unusual, but my husband is the one reluctant! I am not entirely sure I'll even be able to convince him to go to SSB. I might have to get him drunk and strip him down when he passes out! Can't wait to go, will anyone else be there during those days?