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    Default Is everyone a bikini model?

    Just wondering if the beach at CSA is full of bikini models...cause I'm certainly not. I just don't want to feel out of place...

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    I've not been to CSA, but I can tell you that at Tower Island and Sunset Beach the bikini models are outnumbered by "the rest of us regular women" by about 96% to 4%. But then again, maybe ALL the bikini models go to CSA.........

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    It's hard to believe until you've been there, but really.... there is NO judgment on body image in Jamaica... it's a release from that pressure that you'll feel as soon as you get there. Go to your local WalMart or Grocery Store or Ball Game etc... those are the bodies you'll see there. EVERYTHING!

    Plus... everybody there is with the person they love the most, and aren't paying any attention to you or your body.

    It's a great feeling to walk around in a 2 piece and feel just fine!

    Enjoy and drop your worries.

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    You're in paradise and you'll never see anyone of these people again. Relax and focus on you and your partner. Wear your smile proudly.


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    I'm certainly not, I'm going in September

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    No way ! You will see all sizes and ages on the beach. Enjoy !!

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    YES, everyone is a bikini model. Just like all the other beaches you have been to.... It is just that some (most) are PLUS sized models....

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    Absolutely not! You will find all shapes and sizes in every kind of suit and won't feel a bit out of place. Jamaica is the only place I feel completely comfortable wearing a bikini.

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    Nope, I have been 4 times and I am no model.... No worries.....

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    Default I hope not!

    We will be there the week of Thanksgiving! I hope not cause I not either!! Battle scars of three wonderfull children!

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    Default Bikini Models


    At CSA beach it is the same anywhere you go. There are a number of lookers but you should not let that bother you. No one else cares. Just enjoy the Beach, Sun and Water.

    You will see after a couple of days you will blend right on in like the rest.

    Best regards and have a nice vacation,


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    Thanks everyone for your input!! Whew!! What a relief!! You guys are all so awesome!! Can't wait to go on this vacation!!

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    Jamaica is the only place I've been where everyone wears a bikini no matter their size. I will admit to starving myself before our Couples trips so that I will look good in a bikini but after a couple of days of eating that glorious food and all those slushy drinks, I balloon! On our trip to CSA in 2009, I gained 16lbs in 2 weeks! Last year was another pig out good for 14lbs at CTI and CSS. I now plan my bathing suits, skimpy for the first few days and gradually more coverage for the spare tire towards the end! Realistically, no one notices except me I'm sure.

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    Default Bikinis


    I am a size 16 - what I like to call a real size woman - and after three previous trips to Jamaica, I bought 3 bikinis for our upcoming trip in October. The previous post about the release of worrying about image is very right on!

    They are not itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis but bikinis for my size - not easy to find. I particularly like Coco Reef brand. But I feel good in them and my husband likes me in them and that is what matters.

    I say go for it and ENJOY the freedom that Jamaica brings to the heart and soul.


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    In fact, the bikini model is by far the exception rather than the norm.

    And believe me, I have been looking for them. Not many there other than mrs. dirtleg.

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    Default Whew!

    Glad to hear this lol We're planning our 25th Anniversary. That's a lot of years to get "comfortable" looking

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    I've seen this question ask many times on this board & one of my favorite responses that someone gave once was .......... Look around you next time you are into Wal-Mart or the grocery store & that's the same people you're going to see on the beach. VERY TRUE ......... No worries!!!! You may be nervous the first day you walk out to the beach but within 5 minutes all that goes away & you'll forget all the worries about "bikini models". Go enjoy!!!!

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    Before our 1st trip, my wife thought the same thing...I promised her that there would be plenty of "slugs" like us, and that the brochure/web site is not characteristic of the crowd.
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrs2cool View Post
    I've not been to CSA, but I can tell you that at Tower Island and Sunset Beach the bikini models are outnumbered by "the rest of us regular women" by about 96% to 4%. But then again, maybe ALL the bikini models go to CSA.........
    Ditto what Mrs2cool said.

    ...and...I am... least I am in my husband's mind and that' all that matters.

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    The only one I noticed was my wife!

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    No they are not mostly of dreamers. Go enjoy.
    Irie Mon

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    Everyone else is doing the same thing you are,,relaxing ,,it is all Irie Mon, no problem it"ll be all right..

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    I think my wife looks really good in her Jamaica bikini

    Life is really good

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    Why, yes, I am a bikini model for the over 50 woman who works full-time, has a teenager to run around, doesn't take time to exercise and has a questionable diet! And, given, all that I'm going to feel great when we head back home to CSS in November!
    Paula & Greg

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    I always see these bikini calendars or magazines that were shot in Jamaica with all these gorgeous girls & always pray that they're not shooting one on the beach anywhere near where we are while we're there. What a nightmare ......... For me ....... A dream for hubby. Now if the Chippendales are shooting a calendar or something .......... that I could be OK with.

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