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    Default Special Evening Activities/Dinners at CSA?

    Can any recent CSA travellers tell me the schedule of any weekly dinners currently being held? I found this schedule on Delta's site:
    •Monday - Manager's cocktail party and repeat guest dinner party
    •Wedensday - Honeymooners party
    •Friday - Shipwreck beach party
    •Saturday - Lobster night

    We were thinking of a Fri to Sat trip (8 days) in Oct, but might switch our departure since we probably don't need to do the beach party twice.

    Also, do any/all of the other restaurants close the nights they do any of these activities? If I recall from our trip to CSS 3 years ago, this was the case the night of the beach party and another gala event.


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    I was there last November and the activities you listed are very close to the same as when we were there. The only night I remember the restaurants being closed was on Friday for the Beach party. Otherwise, they were open.

    Hope that helps and have a fabulous time.

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    No worries, we have been there 4 times now, and have 0 trips to the beach party. You can have dinner at patois or feathers that night.

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    Monday is also the International Dinner held at the Palms. They set up food stations with different country themes. It is always a very nice event.

    Patois is closed Monday night because the repeaters dinner is held there. I believe the Palms and Lemongrass are both closed Friday night because of the beach party.

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