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    Default Walking on the beach

    We love to hang out at the beach and read,swim and walk. Long walks are important to our vacation. Which resort would you suggest. Thanks

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    Swept Away has the best beach for walking for miles

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    CSA for sure!!

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    For long walks it's either CSA or CN as CSS and CTI are private beaches so there's not much room to walk.

    Bart & Bug

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    CSA and CN both have great beaches. About 5 miles long at CSA and 2 miles long at CN. About the only other big difference is the ability to read, sun and swim Au Naturel at CN. You will have to be covered up when you walk the beach however. :-)


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    Sweptaway hands down is on the longest stretch of beach. Couples Negril is on about 2 +/- miles of beach.

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    CSA all the way!

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