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    Default Which Couples has the best walking beach?

    My husband and I love being on the beach and walking on the beach. It seems Negril has the longest beach. Is that the resort the best if you like to swim and walk a lot?

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    CSA all the way. You can walk in either direction for miles. CN is on a bay and you can walk the beach, but just not as far and not as much to see. CSA's beach is the best!

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    Swept Away you can walk for miles in either direction a;ong the beach

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    Both CN and CSA are on Seven Mile Beach, which is comprised of Long Bay and Bloody Bay. CSA is on Long Bay, which is approximately five miles in length, and CN is located on Bloody Bay, which is approximately two miles in length. CTI and CSS have small, privates beaches that are not conducive to long walks, unless you don't mind turning around and retracing your steps frequently.
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    CSA has a great beach to walk. We left the resort and walked down to Margaritaville. You will be approached by vendors more once you leave the resort but all you have to do is say "no thank you" and they leave you alone. It is beautiful. Enjoy.

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    Definitely CSA

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    While Bloody Bay Beach (where CN is located) is technically part of "Seven Mile Beach" keep in mind that you cannot walk along the beach there to the larger segment of 7 Mile beach (Long Bay Beach where CSA is located) without leaving the beach to walk on the road for a bit.

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    Erika & Sean

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    While CSA is on the "longer" section of 7mb...some of the properties have a very NARROW space of beach between the water line and the buildings, bars, etc...I like CN because it is a wide, fat beach, as well as 2 miles long, the crescent shape of Bloody Bay is long enough to walk to your hearts content
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