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    Default Couples Negril it is :)

    We had a difficult time choosing between CN & CSA for our 25th Anniversary. Our decision was based on only 2 criteria - CN Suites have a couch and a TV. Now to some that may not be an integral part of a vacation, but to us, it's a deal breaker. After a day on the beach from sunrise to sunset, being a couch potato, lazing with a drink and watching a movie ends a day just fine We are going for 10 days and I know we wouldn't have the energy for much nightlift, every night. R&R is #1. Can't wait!

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    At CSA you lay in bed and nap while watching TV....
    Erika & Sean

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    hmmmmmmmm, it's almost impossible to made a definite decision lol

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    We have never been to CSA, but have been to CN 4 times so far. 5th trip is this Dec. You will have a WONDERFUL vacation. Relax, re-unite and enjoy

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    You know, you couldn't go wrong with either place. We went to CN on our
    25th anniversary and have been back every year just celebrating our 30th. CN and all of Couples resorts bring such a wonderful joy to your marriage.
    You are going to love it!

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