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    Default Pool Activities?

    The times we've been on Caribbean vacations in the past there have always been social pool activities such as water exercises first thing in the morning, etc. Anything like that at Couples resorts?

    It really is a lot of fun!

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    I think at CN they had some pool exercise like once or twice a week. It should be listed on the activities list. They do pool volleyball as well on certain times as well.

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    The pool volleyball at CN is scheduled for 2PM daily except on very rare occasions.

    In March of this year the activities schedule had water aquacise scheduled daily at 11AM with the exception of Tuesday, though in practice I believe the visiting exercise instructor may influence what actually takes place.

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    Pool activities? How about sitting by the pool and sunburning areas that haven't seen the light of day in a loooonnngg time! :-)
    Terry and Kathy
    Jan27-Feb5 2010

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    pool volley ball is every day, water aerobics every other day at couples negril

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    I think going to the swim up bar qualifies as "social pool activity" does it not?
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    I always spend a LOT of time floating around the pool on my floatie trying to hold onto my rum drink while socializing ....... I always go home with sore shoulders from this activity so does that count???

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    I have been a visiting fitness instructor and have been to CSA, CTI and CSS. And there is always pool volleyball, water aerobics (almost everyday) and occasionally, some of the guest bring water games (beer pong, 3 man, cards, etc)!!! No need to worry! Plenty to do!

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