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    Default No weddings to watch :(

    I was hoping to see a couple of weddings before we have ours - just to see how it all works and get "in the mood". I just looked on the dates site and there are no weddings between us arriving and us getting married

    Such a shame...

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    Some of the ladies on the mb have video of their weddings...maybe that would be helpful. I'm sure you have heard this before, but Couples takes REALLY good care of you so you will find out there really is no reason to worry.

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    You Tube has some you can watch from which ever resort!! I know I saw CSA ones since thats where we are getting married in November.

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    Ta! I've watched a few online, but I was still hoping to see one in "real life" before ours - guess it will just be a bit more exciting and surprising now!!!

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    I'd be happy to share my experiences and our photo slideshow (we used Cecil, the resort photographer) with anyone who has questions! We got married 8/13/10 with 28 guests. Just email me at so i can send you the slideshow.

    BTW, the wedding was perfect, alicia was great and I was the least nervous bride (on the day of the wedding, i was a wreck before that) in the history of brides!

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    Our wedding will be the 1st one in that week so no wedding to watch neither. I think that is a good thing because you can just do whatever you want to do and don't have to or want to borrow any idea from other wedding

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