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    Default snorkeling at CSA

    i have never been snorkeling but my husband has. we want to try the snorkeling trip at CSA. where do they take you? is the lesson worth it? and also my husband was really excited about night snorkeling. what is it like and is it worth the 70 bucks for a couple?

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    There are several different reef areas that are about a 10 minute boat ride from shore that you go to at CSA (the entire snorkeling trip is about an hour). Couples is THE place to try snorkeling if you've never done it before since it is included in the price of your stay (including equipment). At other resorts, they can charge $25 and up to go snorkeling. You can sign up a day before for the snorkeling trip. There are 3 scheduled times: 11:00, 1:30 and 3:00. The water is usually calmer earlier in the morning.

    The night snorkeling is an interesting experience. They need at least four people to go out. They leave right at sunset, and each person is provided with a large flashlight. The watersports staff is there with you to guide you around (it is dark and hard to see), and point out critters that you just don't see during the daylight hours (like lobster).

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    There isn't a lesson that I know of. They will give you a life jacket if you want and help you get started if need be though. There isn't very much to teach really. Put the mask, flippers and snorkel on, stick your face in the water and swim. It's pretty easy and a lot of fun. You can snorkel as many times as you want and there are a bunch of locations they take you so go often! Some are better than others so if your first time isn't that great just go again and you will probably see a different location. One even has a huge anchor and canon which is pretty cool.

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    I loved the snorkeling at CSA and I think we went two or three times. It is really easy and can be super romantic and exciting. I haven't done the night snorkeling, but I've heard it's great and you see cool stuff. Have fun. CSA rocks!

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    We brought our own mask and snorkel to play in the water at CSA and had fun. Found tons of cool shells and saw lots of fish that you don't even know are there. If you have never tried it I would bring your own to practice with.

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    We had never snorkeled till we went to CSA the first time. In our subsequent trips, three more coming up on four, it is one of our favorite activities. We try to go as often as we can each trip now. Very easy and much fun. Give it a go!

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    The snorkeleling trips were great. I thought the fish were not as active as other places I snorkeled though ??? Can anyone help with that question. The fish would just sit stationary, hardly any movement.

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