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    Default Sept. 24th- Oct .2nd

    OK all you late Sept early Oct. travelers. My wife and I are now 37 days away from paradise. I know that alot of you were talking about the meet and greet Sept 30th at the swim up bar at 2:30. Is that the date and time. Is that a GO?!

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    Default Meet and Greet

    Wayne, its a go for the 30th at 2:30 at the swim up bar. I can not wait for Sept 27th to get here. Getting excited!!!!Talk to you soon.....

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    Hey guys--we will be arriving on Sept. 29. Looking forward to the Meet and Greet on the 30th. Can't wait to get back HOME to CSA--I love tying those words!!

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    Wayne, be there or be square I can't believe our week of paradise is only that far away. This is gonna be awesome. Thursday, September 30th at 2:30 at the swim up bar. How are we gonna know each other? Thanks for posting this Wayne because I'm all excited now.

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    Default Kim and Me

    Well for all that are coming, I can't figure out how to attach a photo's on this damn site and I am just too old to figure out these So here is what I have for all interested. Here is the link to my facebook page or if anyone wants to e-mail me for pics of Kim and me just ask. My e-mail is Hope to hear from all of you soon.!/profile.php?id=1308543549

    Kevin and Kim
    9-27-10 arriving CSA

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    i know darcy and i are so excited to go! this is our first major trip together and our first time leaving our two year old son for that long. so i is going to be interesting and a whole lot of fun... SEE EVERYBODY IN PARADICE!

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    Right at 2:30 everyone yell meet and greet and then we will know.

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    Default Kentucky

    Hey Margie, I was breezing through some of the older posts from earlier this year and noticed that you guys are from a town neer Louisville Ky. I was in Louisville 8/9-8/11 on buisness. The company I work for is building some boats in Jeffersonville Ind. at Marine Builders Inc., just across the river. Small world! As a matter of fact I go to Paducah quite often.Also we have a couple from Marion Id. going to be there the same days as us that we met last year at Couples.

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    It is a small world isn't it. I can't believe vacation is right around the corner and this is my favorite vacation because it is just me and my husband. No kids! Can't wait to meet you on Sept 30th. We'll have lots to talk about.

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    Default Hey Fuller

    Lets meet at the beach bar Fri. night and have a couple. what time do you guys get in on the 24th.. My wife and I wll get to the resort around 4:30.

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    Default Sorry Fuller

    looked at the wrong arrival date for you guys

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    yeah we dont get in till the 25th we should be at the resort by 2 we touch down in MBJ at 1130

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